Hotter Than Hades, Summer Lake Cup Is Coming!

July 2, 2017

This episode covers quite a bit of ground... Starting with the Timbers vs Shittle game and ending with another late game giveaway to KC. Gary and Jason discuss all things Timbeers, including Jason's Man crush on Harold Hanson.  We feature ExNovo Tangerine Pale, Burnside Lime Kolsch and Takilma Kolsch by Climate City brewing... 


Thanks to the guys at Soccer Touchdown (STD) for the interview and shout out. The intermission cuts in this week’s pod are a tribute to you Gentlemen!


The Summer Lake Cup is open to all skills, held on July 4th each year at Tigard's Summer Lake Cup. The game will start at 12pm and will end at 2 pm. Bring a dark and light shirt. The group will be divided in 1/2 and and each team must have a goalie (even if nobody plays-your team must slect one). Winners at the end of 90, drink Session from Summer Lake Cup, Celebrate with fireworks and Merica' Music and get your team name engraved on the cup with the final score. 


Feel free to contact Jason and Gary at  @PDXTimbeers (twitter)  and email us at: 


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