Irma is Blowing, NYC is Teenie-Weenie; Says Jack and Diane

September 10, 2017

This episode picks up nearly 3 weeks since the last past podcast...  (Damn Vacations and Life)

We breifly discuss the Timbers current form inculding the Seattle tie and NYC FC Win; as well as a rare phone interview with Tim on player rumors and smack talk. 

We review a ton of beers!  Eclipitic-Chromosphere, Black Hole Sun by Pono Brewing , Gloria! by Block 15, Cleveland's Great Lakes Brewing, Dead Nuts Pecan Porter and Habituale by Saucy Brewing, Hansa Brewing Rye Here Rye Now Roggenbier, and No Fox Pilsner, Market Garden Brewing's #Kolsch and Terminator B1000. 

Also a shout out to Salt Water Brewing for thier Hurricaine help!   Be Safe guys!

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