It’s So Frickin’ BIG!!! Timbers, OBF & Tons of Beer!

August 2, 2017

Its a long one, but well worth it... Loaded with tons of interviews from the 2017 OBF with Oregon Beer Legends! Because this thing is 90 minutes, we have included time markers below. 

Soccer-In this episode Gary and Jason delve into 3 Timbers games, the USMNT game, and the MLS All Star Game. Vancouver (5 min) Houston (6:50 min) USMNT (11 min) MLS All Star Game (16 min) and LA Galaxy Preview (23 minutes)

Beer/Breweries-Ballast Point Beers, Ninkasi, Cascade Barrell House, Ecliptic Brewing, Hop Haus (42 min), Ghost Runners Brewing (54 min), Steinbarts, Fearless, Coalition, Pelican, Chainline (36 min) and Flycaster Brewing (33 min) and New Holland are all beers we rate and discuss.  Beer Reviews from OBF (84 min)-This thing is loaded with Beer Talk starting at 38 minutes. 

Interviews: Steve from Hop Haus (42 min), Mark Martin from NW Brewery Advisors (63 min), the legend Art Larrance (47 min) , Jeff and Brian from Ghost Runners Brewing (54 min), John and Mike from Steinbarts (71 min), and Jamie Floyd from Ninkasi! (75 min)

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