It’s So Frickin’ BIG!!! Timbers, OBF & Tons of Beer!

August 2, 2017

Its a long one, but well worth it... Loaded with tons of interviews from the 2017 OBF with Oregon Beer Legends! Because this thing is 90 minutes, we have included time markers below. 

Soccer-In this episode Gary and Jason delve into 3 Timbers games, the USMNT game, and the MLS All Star Game. Vancouver (5 min) Houston (6:50 min) USMNT (11 min) MLS All Star Game (16 min) and LA Galaxy Preview (23 minutes)

Beer/Breweries-Ballast Point Beers, Ninkasi, Cascade Barrell House, Ecliptic Brewing, Hop Haus (42 min), Ghost Runners Brewing (54 min), Steinbarts, Fearless, Coalition, Pelican, Chainline (36 min) and Flycaster Brewing (33 min) and New Holland are all beers we rate and discuss.  Beer Reviews from OBF (84 min)-This thing is loaded with Beer Talk starting at 38 minutes. 

Interviews: Steve from Hop Haus (42 min), Mark Martin from NW Brewery Advisors (63 min), the legend Art Larrance (47 min) , Jeff and Brian from Ghost Runners Brewing (54 min), John and Mike from Steinbarts (71 min), and Jamie Floyd from Ninkasi! (75 min)

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Thanks for listening! J&G

Horst Made me Hoase, Hippy Eats Turf & a Wild Yeast Infection…

July 20, 2017

Jason and Gary sulk after a Timbers loss to RSL, Disucss the Donut Derby and this weeks Summer lake game.  

In this episode they explore Laurelwood Brewings Boysenberry Berliner Weisse and Mikkeller / Anchorage Brewing Company AK Alive-an American Wild Ale style beer.... This thing is CRAZY!

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HOLY CRAP- OBF, Sun River, Summer Lake Cup and Chi-Town

July 15, 2017

Jason and Gary explore the worlds of Soccer, Beer and River Floating while acting like complete asses.  In this episode they explore Lagunitas Night Time (Thanks Andy) and TinTinnabulation Pineapple IPA by Campanology Brewing... Atlas Cider, Sun River Brewing and Worthy Brewing are also discussed (KOLSCH)

 In this episode we play soccer, float down the Deschutes, enjoy tasty brews and discuss our beloved Timbers... 

Interviews with Antonio, Cameron, Roberto, Olig and Nikoli, Yev, Sweeney-Cakes, and the  Timbers Street Team.

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Hotter Than Hades, Summer Lake Cup Is Coming!

July 2, 2017

This episode covers quite a bit of ground... Starting with the Timbers vs Shittle game and ending with another late game giveaway to KC. Gary and Jason discuss all things Timbeers, including Jason's Man crush on Harold Hanson.  We feature ExNovo Tangerine Pale, Burnside Lime Kolsch and Takilma Kolsch by Climate City brewing... 


Thanks to the guys at Soccer Touchdown (STD) for the interview and shout out. The intermission cuts in this week’s pod are a tribute to you Gentlemen!


The Summer Lake Cup is open to all skills, held on July 4th each year at Tigard's Summer Lake Cup. The game will start at 12pm and will end at 2 pm. Bring a dark and light shirt. The group will be divided in 1/2 and and each team must have a goalie (even if nobody plays-your team must slect one). Winners at the end of 90, drink Session from Summer Lake Cup, Celebrate with fireworks and Merica' Music and get your team name engraved on the cup with the final score. 


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Jason and Gary

Tale of 2 Halves-St Johns-In The Navy

June 19, 2017

In this episode Gary and Jason catch up on several weeks worth of games... Gary is back from vacation-lots of interviews and lots of that crazy guy Tim!


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-Jason and Gary

2 Weeks NOLA, Bachelor and Saint John-Shittle Still Sucks!

June 1, 2017

Jason and Gary discuss NOLA, BEER (SMASH FEST, Brewski at Bachelor, Breuix Carre and Crescent City Brewing), Skiing and Garys upcoming trip to Saint John! We discuss the Timbers recent form with 2 losses to Montreal and Shittle.  Tons of interviews-Tim from Mt Bachelor and Lapine, A crappy Caleb imposter,  Ben from the Seattle match, Pat from Cresecent City Brewing and much more... 

This weeks Beer: VIP by Hop Valley. 

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Atlanta-Kim Jong Un-& New Orleans or Bust

May 16, 2017

Jason and Gary discuss the draw with Atlanta, Summer Lake Soccer in Tigard Oregon, Beer and North Korea's new ski resort.... 

Interviews with the Summer Lake Soccer Crew (led by Cameron)-If you couldnt play soccer, what sport would you play?

Beers Reviewed- Deschutes Brewery Abyss 2016 and Weihenstephaner Vitus.  

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 Next Week-Timbeers Live from New Orleans! (Happy Birthday Andrew)

Cinco De Sucky-Timbers Lose!

May 8, 2017

Gary and Jason are bitter about the Timbers defeat to San Jose and spend most of the time discussing Beer, Summer Lake Soccer in Tigard, the epic Cinco De Mayo Party and other randomness.... Truly 30 minutes that you will never get back, similar to the 90 plus minutes we wont get back after the Timbers loss. 


Interviews from Summer Lake: If you Could Play Soccer at 1 Place, Where Would It Be?  (Not My Pants)


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REDUX-100 Days, 8 Seconds & Old Knucklehead Gores Again!

April 30, 2017

A Redux version Now Posted with New Content and Vocals!  Nasty Edgey and Totally Off Point!

Sound Errors------Fixxing and Reposting Soon! Jason and Gary dicuss the Timbers recent draw with Dallas, changes to the Tigard Summer Lake Game, Old Knucle Head and Total Re-Kolsch beers and Jason's recent ski trip to Mt. Bachelor. Live interviews with The Summer Lake Gang.....


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Jason and Gary!

Build A Bonfire-Joni is Dead!

April 23, 2017

In this episode, Jason and Gary delve into the Timbers recent 2-1 win over the Wankcouver Whitecraps. We discuss a garbage goal by a garbage player, Darlington Nasty's epic goal and Jason tells Liam he is sorry! We review a few beers, a gnarly one from Sweden! 


Interviews with Jaime, Sean, Antonio, and Ian from Summer Lake-and a special guest Adrian from Hawaii. 


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Untappd: Jason Timbeers